Voyage flexible customer service support. Outsourced email support

Because the road getting there doesn't have to be a headache.

Unlike the Origin package, the Voyage package is tailored toward clients that require more intense time commitments along with specialized knowledge, responsibility and extensive training of employees.  This training of our employees ensures that they gain the necessary knowledge and responsibility required for their job.  Voyage is geared to those businesses who need a better-trained customer service staff that need extra commitment and a quicker response time.  Our shared support team is capable of delivering supreme customer service for almost any project type. They can easily and quickly adapt to the changes in the customer service provision strategy.

We assign a project lead who is committed to working with a client over an extended period of time. This allows our clients to have one person of contact that is overseeing their account and managing their support.  At times where the project lead is not available, another qualified associate handles inquiries.  Although your project lead is dedicated to you, they are also shared by other organizations.  By sharing our top-notch associates time with other organizations, we are able to offer a lower price for the service without sacrificing the feeling of dedicated support.  And even though the prices may be lower than true dedicated support, such as our
Edge Program, we do not sacrifice any of our dedication to the client.

ServTru typically recommends the Voyage package to clients whose customer service projects require more time commitment and quicker reply times.   A quick response allows your customer to get the information they need quickly while increasing customer satisfaction.  Voyage allows you to offer your customers a fixed time and schedule they can rely on to have their questions answered and needs met.  The voyage program package includes ticket and email support strategies.  In addition, we also provide
live chat support, phone message return calls and phone support for those clients needing a more diverse support strategy.

How Getting Started with the Voyage Program Works
SERVprocess24 Easy Steps to Our SERV Start-up Process




Let’s chat and work out a gameplan for your company.  It will be painless and won’t take “all day.”  We develop a personalized work strategy to determine which customer support shifts need covered, the type of work and the cost of our support. Click Here to get started.


Our representatives are thoroughly trained on your product or service so they are able to provide top-notch expertise.
ServTru develops personalized customer support scripts that we utilize via support tickets or email requests.


We get started on your campaign and provide an abundance of communication up front so we may develop a systematic working process.  We provide support through an existing support software or we can integrate your needs into our support solution.


We provide well-researched, nicely formatted, customized responses to each support request. Our support tickets are closed only after ensuring the total satisfaction of your client.  We review the process to ensure it is working well.

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