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Anthony Aires
2012-08-19, 23:21
Just wanted to say thank you for being an awesome support person.
I had to sign onto the support account because I needed some info on a clickbank purchase I made and I gotta tell you-you are doing a great job.
Warm regards!
Jeryl Massini
2012-04-29, 23:19
I have used Sara for individual projects and ongoing customer support for several years now, and I couldn't be happier! Every task is completed on time, every detail is handled impeccably. Every time I have been in a bind and called on her for assistance, she's really come through for me. Sara has a great work ethic and really cares about the end customer, something that is extremely important to me. She is the first person I call on for help.
Rick Luck
2012-01-19, 23:18
Sara completely manages the customer service for us and has exceeded our expectations. She has mastered a wide range of topics for our products.

My partner and I have been able to focus on business growing activities, secure in the knowledge that our customers and potential customers are being attended to within our expectations.

We think that she is doing a fantastic job, our refunds are managed well below 10%, our customers are getting great service (you should see some of the compliments we get) and she is reliable and trustworthy.