Origin affordable customer service outsourcing and email support.

Because every voyage has an origin...

One of the challenges facing today’s business is providing quality service without dipping too far into the bottom line.  In addition, today’s market scene is very dynamic and fast-paced. Businesses have been forced to go back to the drawing boards and come up with a perfect recipe to wow today’s customer. Today’s Internet customer expects nothing less than quick, efficient and detail-oriented responses on a wide variety of service issues from sales and product questions to  post-sales follow-up.  Today’s business environment is so fiercely competitive that customer loyalty can slip through your fingers before you even know what’s happened.  All this can be attributed to the fact that consumer awareness is at a level much higher than ever before.  As technology progresses, expectations on the speed of all communications increases.  Many companies are rely on past practices that can no longer keep pace. The daunting cost, implementation and training required to adapt to these technologies is a major roadblock for any business.


Here's How We Can Help...

ServTru’s Origin customer service program is an affordable customer service solution.  The origin program was designed for the company that can’t afford an unsatisfied customer but does not have the time nor the resources necessary to provide proper support.  The Origin Program is ideal for the internet marketer, the start-up business, the company that needs occasional support help or the company that wants to launch a superior outsourced customer service department.  This part-time solution provides an ideal layer of support for those businesses that don’t need full-time support or for those businesses that are looking for a starting point to outsource their customer support programs.  We service your customer during your business hours or we can adjust to your customer service needs.  This program is not as robust as The Voyage or The Edge offerings which provide full-time offerings but this program has several options to adjust the number of hours of support required on a monthly basis.

With customer service representatives that are located in the United States, with a guaranteed maximum response time of 12 hours, your clients will not have to wait long for an answer to their support issues.  All of our team members employed for this package are in the United States and have strong computer skills, profound knowledge of the English language with a well-rounded education enabling them to deliver a high-level of quality service to your clients.  There is no compromise on the level of skill and expertise requirements for our employees. The recruitment process is thorough enough to ensure that only well-trained and competent personnel are hired for the job.   We take the time to learn your business and customize our interaction with your customer.  The quality of our interactions are always under scrutiny and support tickets are only closed after a customer has received a well-researched, customized satisfactory solution.

How getting started with the Origin Program works...
SERVprocess24 Easy Steps to Our Start-up Process


Let’s chat and work out a gameplan for your company.  It will be painless and won’t take “all day.”  We develop a personalized work strategy to determine which customer support shifts need covered, the type of work and the cost of our support. Click Here to get started.


Our representatives are thoroughly trained on your product or service so they are able to provide top-notch expertise.
ServTru develops personalized customer support scripts that we utilize via support tickets or email requests.


We get started on your campaign and provide an abundance of communication up front so we may develop a systematic working process.  We provide support through an existing support software or we can integrate your needs into our support solution.


We provide well-researched, nicely formatted, customized responses to each support request. Our support tickets are closed only after ensuring the total satisfaction of your client.  We review the process to ensure it is working well.